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One Degree North: Chinatown

One Degree North: Chinatown

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  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 120cm x 30cm

The origins of Singapore’s Chinatown can be traced back to 1822, when the ‘Chinese Kampong’ became home to many Chinese immigrants, and later a transit point for coolies going to Malaya. Chinatown is steeped in rich history of some of Singapore’s earliest pioneers and traditional architecture. With the urban renewal of the area, Chinatown is now a juxtaposition of the old world with the new.

The vivid red hues from lanterns and decorations that light up Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period gives the area an extra glow, and symbolises prosperity and good fortune. It is also the inspiration behind this artwork, with the gold and yellow accents representing the hopes and dreams of early Chinese immigrants who made their way to Singapore.

About the ‘One Degree North’ collection

At only 728km², Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. What we don’t have in land area, we more than make up for it through conservation of our heritage, preservation of natural landscapes and enhancement through the built environment. The ‘One Degree North’ collection is inspired by memorable landmarks around Singapore, each telling a story about the area/landmark and also its significance to Singapore. Decipher where the coordinates on each artwork refers to, and you will know the painting title.    

Each painting is created in my signature contemporary and tactile style, and can be displayed in various permutations depending on your room decor needs.

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