About Kelly Ser

Hello there!

I'm Kelly Ser, a local Singaporean artist who turned full-time in 2021. Prior to that I was a civil servant, and you may have read about my journey going from painting as a hobby to pursuing it as a career in the media. I'm extremely humbled and grateful to be able to pursue my passion as my career.

  • Inspired by my Singaporean identity and life experiences, I transform traditional architecture and landmarks into modern contemporary creations. My bold use of kaleidoscopic colours, purposeful creation of tactile textures and subtle inclusion of historical tales make my works unique and instantly memorable.

  • Art is my platform to promote the history, culture and heritage of Singapore to the world. You can find my creations in limited edition prints, and on merchandise like coasters, notebooks, tea towels, cushion covers and apparels.

  • My creations aim to awaken the viewer’s sense of sight and touch. Behind every artwork is a story. I have worked with clients around the world to bring their artistic vision for their living and working space to life. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • The right artwork can enliven and uplift the mood of a room, it can also inspire and calm the mind. Most importantly, it will make a statement about the owner and the space. I look forward to collaborating with you on your next masterpiece.

  • Founder, Kelly Ser Atelier