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One Degree North: MacRitchie Reservoir

One Degree North: MacRitchie Reservoir

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  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 120cm x 30cm

Completed in the late 1860s, MacRitchie Reservoir is Singapore’s oldest reservoir and is named after municipal engineer James MacRitchie who oversaw the expansion of the reservoir. The primary and mature regrowth forests in MacRitchie houses more than half of Singapore’s residual native biodiversity, and is the reason why so many plants and animals live there.

The thick dense vegetation and flora and fauna residing in the area have a symbiotic relationship with the reservoir’s water, helping to keep it clean and sustaining the survival of species in the green spaces. This virtuous cycle of nature has provided inspiration for the artwork.

About the ‘One Degree North’ collection

At only 728km², Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. What we don’t have in land area, we more than make up for it through conservation of our heritage, preservation of natural landscapes and enhancement through the built environment. The ‘One Degree North’ collection is inspired by memorable landmarks around Singapore, each telling a story about the area/landmark and also its significance to Singapore. Decipher where the coordinates on each artwork refers to, and you will know the painting title.    

Each painting is created in my signature contemporary and tactile style, and can be displayed in various permutations depending on your room decor needs.

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