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Anomalous: Galaxy

Anomalous: Galaxy

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  • Oil on canvas
  • 50cm x 90cm

The ‘Anomalous’ series is inspired by the beauty of individualism and daring to be different. Across the world, there are widely held stereotypes about almost anything and everything. Race. Gender. Culture. Sexuality. Religion.

People are quick to judge based on stereotypes, and some others even go the extra mile to conform to existing stereotypes created by society. It takes courage and conviction to break away from them and be truly comfortable in your own skin.

Extending stereotypes beyond the society, animals share a similar fate too. Who said a zebra has to be in black and white? Why can’t they be an eclectic blend of colours that represent their unique individuality? Humans can choose to look different and have their signature style based on their choice of outfit, mannerism and the things they say. On the contrary, a koala bear can only be light grey or brown.

Through this series, I hope to encourage alternative thinking and attitudes toward stereotyping and the celebration of beauty and courage in individualism.

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