Gen Y Speaks: I was a scholar and civil servant for 12 years before opting to pursue my passion for art full-time

Public Artwork at Discover Tanjong Pagar (DTP) Community Green

NCS Women Make IT Happen NFT Art Showcase

I was invited to speak at the inaugural #WomenMakeITHappen event by NCS, and it was an inspiring day of talks and discussions with the extraordinary women who are charting new frontiers in the tech and art space. From NFT artists to corporate leaders, architects to scientists, it was a pleasure and privilege to join the stage with female trail blazers in the technology and NFT art space.

Some of my key takeaways from the discussions:
– Gender bias starts when women are pigeonholed from the get go, hence decision makers need to refrain from putting on their biased lens when making decisions
– Female role models does help with breaking the gender bias by showing younger females that it is possible
– The intersection of art and technology will continue to set trends on how art is consumed and created going forward, and spur further technological innovations specially targeted at NFT art
– Salary discrimination for females exists across all industries, and there’s no panacea to resolve it. Raising awareness on the issue helps encourage further efforts to right this imbalance

It was nice to hear from Anne LEHMAN Howie Lau How Sin 刘浩新 Charu Kokate Fei Liu Kanchana Gupta about their experiences navigating the bias in the technology and construction sectors, and the icing on the cake was sharing the stage and exhibition space with fellow artists Shavonne Wong Si Qi Tan Jamela Law!

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