“Kelly Ser Atelier was created to celebrate the diverse culture and heritage I grew up with. It is also an open diary about my life and experiences.

I do so through the use of kaleidoscopic colours in an experimental and bold style.”

Behind every piece of my artwork is a story.

Inspired by my Singaporean identity and life experiences, I transform traditional architecture, landmarks and mundane daily routines into modern contemporary creations. My bold and experimental use of kaleidoscopic colours, purposeful creation of tactile textures and subtle inclusion of historical tales make my works instantly memorable. These texture accents add to the character of my artworks, and no two pieces are alike. It also invites the viewer to take a closer look and some might even be tempted to engage with the art through touch.

Since the beginning of my journey as an artist, I have received commissions by private collectors around the world and they adorn the walls of collectors in Singapore, Malaysia, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Spain and more. They have also been featured by media, in public exhibitions and on national campaigns.

Another objective of my artistic pursuit is to make art more accessible to the public, and to also use art as a platform to promote the history, culture and heritage of Singapore to the world. You can find my creations beyond the canvas on merchandise such as coasters, magnets, notebooks and also apparels.

I founded Kelly Ser Atelier not just as a platform to showcase art. It was created to provide an avenue to give back to society through art – through initiatives such as charity auctions, public wall murals or raising awareness on mindfulness through art.

Art was not something I thought I will pursue growing up. The story on how I left my civil service career to pursue my passion as an artist has been featured in the media and you can read it here.

Founder, Kelly Ser Atelier


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