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Collaboration with Honeycombers: ‘When Art Meets Home’ series

I have been an avid follower and reader of Honeycombers over the years, and am excited to work with the Honeycombers team on a regular series titled ‘When Art Meets Home’, which will feature articles on how art can enliven your space and tips on how to better integrate art within your home and office.

As an artist, I believe that the artworks you choose for your home, office and other corporate settings should enliven your space, and transform any wall or space into a unique conversation starter that is sure to receive much curiosity and compliments. You can create a gallery wall in one fell swoop with multi canvas artworks, or complete the décor for an entire room with a statement piece that set the mood and anchors your space.

Kicking off this series is the first article on ‘If walls could talk: How to pick the perfect artwork for popular interior design styles in Singapore’. To make the experience of decorating your new home a little easier, I’ve shortlisted four popular interior design styles for 2021 and quick tips on artworks that enhance each theme. The right piece of art can enliven and uplift the mood of a room. It can also inspire and calm the mind. Most importantly, it will make a statement about you and your beautiful home!


Check out some inspirations below for suitable artworks that will match your home decor theme 


1) Industrial: Take advantage of the raw aesthetic with multi-panel, eye-catching artworks


‘One Degree North: MacRitchie Reservoir’ is a 4 panel piece that can be rearranged based on your preference.


Play with juxtaposed textures on your walls to transform it into a conversation starter. Featured here is ‘One Degree North: Sentosa’.


Eye-catching pieces, such as ‘Strength’, that contrast against the stylishly undone aesthetic of your home will give the space added character. The gorgeous sofa showpiece is from Grey & Sanders


2) Scandinavian: Monochromatic Paintings Will Integrate Seamlessly With Your Interiors

Monochromatic contemporary art pieces are your best friend if you have a home inspired by the minimalist Scandinavian style.

Accented pieces with bright colours such as ‘Stargazing: Supernova Ebony’ adds layers and character to the look and feel of the room.


Versatile monochromatic multi-panel pieces, such as ‘One Degree North: Changi Airport’ are a must as it allows for flexibility in future home remodelling projects.


3) Mid-Century Modern: Artworks With Strong and Bold Colours Will Go a Long Way

The mid-century modern look is enhanced by the use of strong and bold colours, so artworks that feature strong primary colours like ‘YOB_1986 #1’ would be perfect.


Artworks that contrast against the room’s interiors provide an additional layer of character to the space. Featured here is ‘Stargazing: Meteor Shower’.


4) Contemporary: Most Versatile of Them All – The Perfect Setting for Most Artworks

The use of metals and glass gives these rooms a cool and sleek vibe that goes well with large contemporary pieces featuring bold strokes and swatches of striking colours. Featured here are ‘A Chance of a Lifetime: A Nation’s Architect’ (top) and the ‘Anomalous’ collection (bottom).


Portrait paintings, such as ‘Un Momento’, serve as portals back to a significant moment in time seeped in nostalgia and wanderlust.


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